At AZENTIVE, we care about creating healthy profits, plants, people, and places™ for you and your business. We offer human and technology solutions that will help you create a more profitable and sustainable business.

Our Approach

We help our clients reap the financial benefits of an engaged culture by eliminating wasted resources and improving employee health and wellness. Our goal is simple:

Today’s marketplace is dynamic and interconnected. We help individuals, organizations, and communities thrive in ever-changing contexts. Our behavioral science and technology experts draw on decades of experience aligning human culture and advanced technology systems – all with an eye towards optimizing the triple bottom line.

Challenges posed by climate change are spurring innovations that align financial prosperity with environmental responsibility and a commitment to human well-being. We believe that the best solutions are collective, collaborative, and creative. We love our work, and we’re here to help you succeed.

Plasma Lighting Solutions

For Indoor Ag

At AZENTIVE, we care about creating healthy people and plants. Our goal is to help you meet the demands of growing the healthiest organic produce indoors.

We focus on healthy, hearty, and high producing plants, optimizing growth for each specific plant’s morphology and biology. Plants grown under our plasma lighting solutions thrive at all stages of their lifecycle, boosting your profits.

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For Algae

For companies growing algae indoors, our plasma lighting solutions provide a new opportunity to obtain the highest possible yield, lowest energy costs, and the highest quality products.

Our patented technology is designed to provide real sunlight from the inside. Our solutions are especially suited for bubble column and air-lift algal bioreactors, and can easily enable the scaling up of bioreactors.

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For Businesses

Natural sunlight provides well-documented benefits to people’s health and wellbeing. Healthier and happier employees are more productive, improving your company’s performance and profits.

Our plasma lighting solutions use the latest technologies to help you become more sustainable and efficient.

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